Welcome to OOAK SILKSTONE FASHION. In this site you will find me taking pictures and making outfits for my Silkstone Barbies. I started to collect Silk Stone Barbie not too long ago. As of right now I don’t have many of them, so far I only have collected two and hopefully one day my collection will expand.

I’m fascinated of the fashions of how they dress and how uniquely beautiful they are of the way they pose. Not only young girls play with Barbie and I’m not a shame to admit my age. I’m 28 years old and enjoy playing with my Barbie dolls by dressing her up and making nice outfits for them. This is one of my hobbies I enjoy to do when I have time. It also help me be creative in the areas that I enjoy doing, which for one is being a graphic designer.

Secondly, I would like to learn sewing since I used to work in the fabric industry it helps me understand that there are many different types of fabrics that are out there.

Also being a Barbie and Silk Stone Fan I always wanted to take the time to blog about my hobbies and that I can share my wonderful creative creation to you all.